Together we can make a difference

We all want to live in a world where everyone looks out for each other - especially the most vulnerable. Where people care about community and take pride in their area. So why not get active and get involved...

Do you want to do something to show you care? There are lots of opportunities for you to make a difference to people’s lives or improve your local community.

Case studies


Ian wanted to put something back into the community;  becoming a volunteer driver in his village was his way of showing he cares.

Ian is a volunteer driver providing transport to those people who do not have any other means of attending their appointments. Many of the people are older people and people with disabilities who find public transport extremely difficult, either because they cannot walk to the bus stop or easily climb on or off the bus.

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Joan wanted a role to to connect with people and make a real difference to someone’s quality of life just by being herself.

Joan is a befriender. The people she visits are often on the periphery of the community, and who don’t see other people very often. They enjoy having somebody to talk to. “It is a lovely feeling because we’re all human beings.”

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Mel wanted to be part of her community after moving to Devon. Becoming a volunteer football coach means she passes on her skills to people of all ages and disabilities.

“It’s just the best feeling in the world to be able to know that someone who has come to a football session and they’ve had a really good time.”

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