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Help with their everyday jobs

Do you know an older person who lives alone, rarely leaves the house, is in poor health or doesn’t seem to have any close family living nearby? Ask them if they need any help with tasks such as shopping, posting letters, picking up prescriptions or dog-walking. Offer to accompany them or give them a lift to community activities, medical appointments or local facilities. Do-it have a list of volunteer driving opportunities.

Help with their bins

What may sound simple can make a world of difference. Many people struggle with heavy wheelie bins or recycling boxes, and others with memory issues might have a problem remembering the bin days. Whether its helping people take out their bins or reminding them to do so, you could be of real help to someone. If you’re new to your neighbourhood you can find out when your bin days are by contacting your local district council or look on their website.

Offer to help with gardening

If you know someone who struggles with their mobility then why not lend a hand in their garden? When you mow your lawn, pop round and do a neighbour’s too? Maybe do a spot of weeding or tidy up fallen leaves in the autumn. Age UK has more advice.