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Getting funding

There are a wide range of organisations that offer funding support to community projects trying to get off the ground.

Devon Funding News provides all the latest information on grants and loans to support enterprise and innovation in Devon.

You can also get help and practical advice from bodies like:

who also have lots of different types of funding available for community projects and social enterprises.

Organisations range from the national lottery to banks and other businesses with social investment funds, to grants from your local council. There is also the opportunity to raise funds and drum up support directly through online crowdfunding.

Businesses and social investment

Many banks, businesses and other organisations set aside funds to support social investment and benefit local communities.  These can be in the form of loans, grants or match funding.

Social Investment Funds are often set up to deliver specific social change. For example they can aim to make life better for people living in targeted areas of deprivation by increasing employment opportunities, tackling issues such as mental and physical health, or improving the environment.

Other responsible businesses will often make local community development funds available as part of their ethical approach to doing business in an area. Smaller local businesses can often be approached directly for support.

More funding and income overview information from KnowHow.