Claire doing her beach clean

Plastic pollution in our oceans is big news in 2018. The amount of trash that the recent storms has thrown up from the depths of the sea, combined with television programmes like Blue Planet2 seem to be making this disaster from of mind for politicians, the press and manufacturers alike.

Claire has set herself a challenge to pick up (and recycle as much as possible) 20 pieces of litter every day for the whole of 2018. She’s called the challenge #365daysoflitter in the hopes of raising awareness for the beautiful litter picking family who pick up rubbish at the beach every day and share pictures using the #2minutebeachclean.

Claire says:

“I am feeling pretty darned chuffed already with seven whole days of litter picking. Here’s a little snapshot of my first week – 20 x 7 pieces of litter = 140 accidental squats = perky glutes and feeling like a good contribution to helping our oceans and countryside has been done!

“One of the reasons for doing it is that, while I love being by the sea, I just don’t get there as often as I’d like, so picking up litter inland is my little way of helping reduce the amount of rubbish that goes into the sea.”

Be a #litterhero and pick up litter!

Find out how you can help in your environment.

Claire shares her photos on Instagram: